Balcones (FM 1382) Hike & Bike Trail

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This 1.37 mile Hike and Bike Trail construction is a collaborative effort (funding) between TxDOT, Dallas County, grant funding through NCTCOG and the City of Cedar Hill. The project was coordinated in conjunction with Texas Parks and Wildlife, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center, and Newman Academy.

This project will complete another section of long term-planned North-South Core Trail as identified in the City of Cedar Hill 2012 Parks, Recreation, Trails and Open Space Visioning Master Plan.

Phase I:  New Clark Road to the Entrance to Cedar Hill State Park 
The Hike and Bike trail along west FM 1382 between New Clark Road and the entrance road to Cedar Hill State Park is nearing completion pending outstanding items from TxDOT. TxDOT is managing the construction.

Willie Bolden, Project Manager
Texas Department of Transportation
(214) 319-3585

Steve Schell, P.E.
City of Cedar Hill
(214) 587-6148

Trail Details & Proposed Improvements
The trail alignment goes through the wooded area along the south side of West FM 1382. This is on the same side of the road as Dogwood Canyon Audubon, Newman Academy / Northwood University, Cedar Hill State Park. The improvements will include two amenity stations.

Phase II: Cedar Hill State Park Entrance to Cedar Hill City Limits 
The Hike and Bike trail along west FM 1382 between the entrance road to the Cedar Hill State Park to the Cedar Hill City limits is currently under construction. Construction started in January 2018 with a ribbon cutting in 2021. The City of Cedar Hill is managing the construction of this project. 

Shawn Ray, Parks & Recreation Director
Parks and Recreation Department
City of Cedar Hill
(972) 291-5100, ext. 2844

Proposed Trail Improvements
The trail alignment runs along the Cedar Hill State Park side of west FM 1382. The proposed improvements include the installation of a pedestrian / hike and bike bridge spanning a drainage ravine. The improvements also include the installation of an architectural overlook and amenity station.